Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well, it's been a while....

I keep plugging along, and don't always keep up with things the way I should. Including keeping people who follow this "sometimes" blog informed.

I like to talk about my cases, but obviously have to be very careful about details. Not sure how the bosses would appreciate me posting things. But this case pissed me off.

Husband and wife charged with child neglect and placed on probation. Five kids, husband lost his job, two months behind on the rent, about to be evicted, electricity being turned off, in Florida, in August. Tried to transfer probation, but being given a hard time by the PO. Moved to a different county to live with a sister, without permission. Violated. Of course. It is Florida.

Wife admits. Private attorney. 48 months prison.

Husband still in jail. I tell him he has to fight it, or we can't appeal. I knew the outcome before the hearing. Found in violation. Sentenced to 48 months. Despite my arguments that he was put on probation, and told he didn't care for his children. He tries to care for his children and not accrue 5 more counts of child neglect for having kids living in a house with no electricity, no air, no water, in August, in Florida. Or the alternative, living in their van. Would have been charged for sure. He does what he has to do, and is told he is still wrong.

In this economy, jobs are so hard to come by. He had been a skilled professional. Lost his license because of the felony charge. Working in a restaurant. Wife caring for the kids. Had he been able to find a decent job, we wouldn't be discussing this case. But he couldn't. And now he, his wife, and his five children are being punished for it. In foster care, 4 different families in 2 counties. Husband is told he will very likely never get his children back if he is sentenced to more than a year.

At least it is all the record for the appeal.

It pisses me off. Where is the justice here?

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