Monday, May 5, 2008

The Sixth Amendment

I wish I could understand the mentality of some prosecutors. A person accused of a crime is granted the right to a public and speedy trial. A right so important, the states have adopted it in their criminal procedure rules. So why should persons accused be punished for exercising their rights?? It never ceases to amaze me the number of times that a prosecutor is OFFENDED by the fact that a client wants a trial. And they will do anything to prevent it. Filing additional charges, filing felonies when the client was only charged with misdemeanors, seeking to have bonds revoked for no legitimate reasons.

Are they that unsure of their abilities at a trial?

Are they that convinced that someone accused MUST be guilty?

Everyone gets up in arms about someone accused "violating the rights" of the victims involved. What about when the accused winds up being the victim of the prosecutor? Nobody wants to hear about that. And if the accused decides to accept a plea after all of this, how can the judge believe that it is a "voluntary and uncoerced" plea? Give me a break!

Friday, May 2, 2008

New page part

I have added a new part to my page. It's supposed to be called My Daily Diversions, but I'm still working on the formatting.

It seems that the one thing that will calm me down and clear my head after a really tough day at work is cuteness! There are several pages that I view regularly, including Cute Overload, The Daily Puppy, and Funny Cat Pictures. After hours of all the ugliness I see at work, and all the horrible things that people will do to other people, these remind me that there is still some purity and goodness in the world.

And I need it on days like today, after I see stories like this one on the news. Kitten thrown from car. Speaking of the things people do to other people, it boggles my mind that someone could do this to a creature so helpless. ARGGHHHH!

An Update..

I know it's again been a while. But so, so busy. Just a quick update on some prior stories.

Bar Complaint -
It took a while (such a loooong while from my perspective). But the Bar finally said that my client had no basis for complaint. Just as an aside, I've learned from another client that the one that filed the complaint is now regretting it. He's spoken to some of my other clients, and realized that I really do care about my clients and really do work my ass off for them. He has had another attorney appointed, and his new attorney is doing everything he can to convince the client he just needs to plead to prison time, and that he has no defense. Which may not be the case. Live and learn.

An older post -
Regarding one of my first posts, having to do with a client of mine that was convicted at trial. I have recently learned that the appeals court has said I was right about an argument made at trial, and has reversed his conviction. WoooHooo!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bar Complaints

I know it's been quite some time since I've posted to this blog. Alot has been going on at work. People quitting, people retiring, caseload shifting, additions, subtractions, promotions. The list goes on and on. But today prompted me to renew my blog.

It's happened. After six years, I have received my first bar complaint. And I'm freaking out!! I know I haven't done anything wrong. But it's scary. This is my career! What I spent so much time trying to achieve. And the thought that because I can't accomplish what the client wants as fast as the client wants, and with as much hand-holding as the client wants, it could be threatened scares me.

I've prepared my response, and am waiting a couple of days to let the initial shock wear off before I send it. I know the outcome will be fine, but it's a little overwhelming.

My co-workers are telling me don't panic, it comes with the territory, get used to it. But after six years, and nothing, even my co-workers are telling me it is not normal.

Will keep you updated. Any advice will be welcome in the meantime.