Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The mother from Hell...

I had something happen today that I have never encountered.

"Ma'am, do you have kids?" "No, I don't." "Well, that would explain why you just don't understand."


I've been a juvenile PD for 8 years, and I don't understand? Just because you don't like the fact that I represent your child, and have to abide by his wishes rather than yours? Because you want him to get drug treatment, not be on probation? Because you called the cops on him when you found pot in his backpack, and thought the cops wouldn't write a report? Are you f***ing kidding me??? What the hell did you think would happen?

And to say that I am not helping your child because I am listening to what he wants, rather than what you want? I realize you are the parent, and what I do in no way affects what you feel you need to do as a parent. Do what you have to do. If he needs drug treatment, by all means, get it for him!

But I am HIS lawyer. "But he's a minor!" SO WHAT?? He still has rights, all the rights you would have had the tables been turned, he found your pot and called the cops. He has the right to an attorney, one that listens to his desires, one that protects his rights, one that focuses on him, not what somebody else wants to happen.

Don't tell me I don't understand. I probably understand better than you do. You have one child that you are dealing with. I have dealt with thousands over the years. You don't have to have children to feel like a parent. I feel like a parent all the time. And I pay more attention to these kids than most parents do. And care more about what happens to them. Maybe you are the exception, rather than the rule. GREAT!!! Maybe I won't see your child again. But I doubt it. Considering you had him arrested before for pot, and didn't get him treatment then. It's not my fault. Maybe you should stop for a minute and ask yourself why he thinks smoking pot is okay. Is it a short-coming on your part?

Maybe this is a little harsh, and if so, I apologize. But don't tell me I don't understand.


Frustrated FPD said...

I understand completely. I had a client who's mother had been convicted of multiple felonies over the years for child abuse and child neglect of my client. She presents herself as the most involved and "mom of the year." Then she blames me for not caring enough about her son.
If it weren't for you, MOM, he wouldn't be sitting next to me.

Frustrated and Tormented said...

Frustrated, do you have a blog? Would love to follow.